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Networks are the critical paths for all computer and machine communication. If you're locally file-sharing common documents in your office, using server-based applications over WANs, printing to the color device at the end of the hall, or even browsing the internet... Today, all computer activities that occur 'outside' of our desktops require networks and network information delivery systems. Whether these networks are hard-wired, wireless, or an integrated combination of both - you need a qualified service provider that can install these secure datapathways.

Our company provides installation services with a focus on security. We offer complete network services that include system architecture, design, security and audit services. We work with architects and interior designers from the outset on the virtual 'drawing board', as well as businesses and contractors that are involved in retro-fitting workspaces for the Information Age.

We prefer to specify and use cabling materials that are rated with 'Lifetime Warranties' from companies we trust... such as Blackbox and Belkin. Some of our past installations include Networked Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Fiber Optic, Digital Signage, Video, Audio, Coax Cable, VOIP, Traditional Partner Phone Systems, Plenum, Non-Plenum, and Wireless Integration.

All of our work is tested to meet or exceed Industry Standards.
We also offer service contracts and emergency service.

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