Company - Advantar

Advantar is a digital art & advanced technology development group.

We create digital media for a wide range of clients. From initial concept, through completed graphic media application -- we are the 'advanced artisans of the information age®'.

Some of our past
projects include:

Internet Sites,
User Manuals,
Guides & Books,
2D/3D Illustration,
Broadcast Video,
and more...

Today, we architect e-Commerce systems, design advanced CGI applications, and produce HD Broadcast Video for Television and DVD distribution. We still produce the same HTML, PDF and e-DTP media that we founded the company upon. However, we embrace 'change' and understand the tides of our dynamic global labor market. We provide value to our clients, and always find out what's down the winding road of technology far in advance of their competitors' through our alpha-testing partnerships.

We have primary facilities in West Homestead, PA, where our network-integrated 6000 sq. ft. facility allows us to stage, shoot, produce, and record talent in-house. Both post-production video and audio finishing suites enable us to take your concept into production where we will author and master your media for final distribution.

Whether it's Internet, Broadcast, Print Publishing, or Presentation Support -- we can make the difference in your media.

To setup a time to review our portfolio, discuss your latest project, or to receive a quotation - please email us.



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